Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get my message on the Bulletin board?

Email LCTV at info@lctv.org  a graphic image – .jpeg or .png, dpi 72, minimal 800×600 pixels (4:3 ratio) – or the exact text you want on the slide. Please let us know the beginning and ending dates for the posting. Please be aware that events are posted no earlier than 30 days from the beginning day of the event. You may also send text requests to us by snail mail or drop it off at the station. If we aren’t open when you come by, use the drop box next to the front door.

If your organization is not located in a town that fully funds LCTV, there is a charge for each slide. Please contact us for the exact amount.

For more information, see Bulletin Board Policies and Procedures.

Q. How do I get a video I or my organization owns, or has access to, broadcast on LCTV?

Complete a Request for Airtime Form and drop it off or mail it to us along with your DVD, flash-drive or portable hard drive. You can also share a video file with us via Google Drive or other file sharing programs, or website which allows downloads. Check Programming Policies and Procedures for video file aspect settings, eligibility requirements, and content guidelines. Please be advised that it can take as long as two weeks to schedule a new show.

Q. Can I use your studio to make a show?

Absolutely – that’s what it’s there for! Please check General Policies and Procedures to make sure you or your organization meet the eligibility requirements and whether or not you are subject to fees. You must take classes in order to become proficient in the use of the studio equipment, but once you become a producer, the LCTV facility and equipment is yours to use. Please refer to Policies for details on show requirements and restrictions.

Q. Will LCTV produce a show for us?

One of the missions of public access is to teach people “media literacy”, so we encourage people to take classes to learn how to use camcorders and mics, editing software, and studio production equipment. Once you are qualified, we provide continued use of the equipment and facilities to produce television.

If you can’t find anyone in your organization that is interested in learning the craft of television production, LCTV will inform other producers of what you would like produced. If they are interested in the project, they will contact you to work out the details.

If that fails, LCTV does have staff to help you make video, but there are fees for production services. See Schedule of Fees or contact us for more information.

Yes. See Policies for more information on how to acknowledge a financial sponsor.

Q. Can I get a DVD copy of a show?

Yes! Just call – (207) 563-6338 – or write – info@lctv.org . Requested donation is $20 per DVD. Special pricing for multiple copies.

Q. How can I get involved with LCTV?

LCTV is always looking for volunteers to help with studio operations and to assist individuals and organizations in producing shows or videos of specific events. You must take classes if you wish to borrow equipment, use the editing suites or produce shows in the studio. LCTV also needs volunteers to help maintain the building and the grounds, provide community outreach, write press releases, grants and update content for the website. LCTV encourages residents within the LCTV viewing community to consider becoming a member of the board of LCTV. Please contact us to see if a board position is vacant. Board members provide a vital role by directing policy, concentrating on making sure LCTV is properly funded and ensuring that LCTV is fulfilling and will continue to fulfill its mission.

Q. How is LCTV funded?

LCTV is funded primarily by the taxpayers in the towns we service. Based on population and number of cable subscribers, LCTV assesses each town in our service area in relation to our budget and requests that the corresponding amount be placed on the annual town warrant. It is then up to the voters to approve or vote down the amount requested. Our goal is to have all ten towns contributing their fair share to the operation of LCTV. Funding Formula.

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