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Our local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. They provide the economic engine that enables us to live “the way life should be”, and talent, time and treasure to our abundant non-profit and volunteer organizations, including local government committees, historical societies, land trusts, food pantries, community housing projects, animal rescue, health care, women’s services and support for seniors. LCTV works closely with many of these organizations to help them communicate with the general public, a vital component of their success in improving the quality of our everyday lives. By investing in LCTV, businesses help to build a strong, attractive, dynamic community.

Becoming a LCTV underwriter gives your business these advantages:

  • Access to over 5000 households in Lincoln County via cable TV and IPTV, and an untold number via the internet
  • The opportunity to foster a positive image and goodwill
  • Name recognition and a sense of familiarity


For $500 a year, your 30 second video will be seen immediately after scheduled programming a minimum of 8 times in a 24 hour period, and intermittently on our televised bulletin board, every day of the year. Bulletin board airings are currently estimated to be 12 times a day. Actual number depends on how many bulletins we are currently running and how often the bulletin board plays as a default between programs. Your video will also be posted on the LCTV web site with a link to your website.

Video Content

You can submit your own video, or, for an extra fee, LCTV will make a video for you. Videos may include a business logo, a statement of services offered or type of business, phone number, address, web and email addresses, pictures of your establishment and/or examples of your work. Overt product or service promotion, price reference, call to action or inducement to buy, comparative or qualitative products or service descriptions and third-party reviews are not permitted.

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