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Lobster Coast Television Sponsorship Opportunities

In Maine, our small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. Here in Lincoln County, businesses provide the economic engine that enables us to live “the way life should be.” Your generous sponsorship enables LCTV to promote our treasured local organizations and community events.

Non-profit, volunteer organizations, local governments, historical societies, land trusts, food pantries, animal rescue groups, healthcare organizations, senior advocates, artists, theaters, youth efforts, and local schools are just some of the cherished causes that LCTV is able to support through our quality broadcasting. By investing in LCTV, your business will contribute to building a stronger and more dynamic community.

Sponsoring LCTV gives your business the opportunity to…

  • Access 6,000 + households in Lincoln County, via cable TV and IPTV
  • Be seen by an increasing number of world wide viewers via internet
  • Gain recognition and exposure throughout community

Your generous investment will be put towards…

For $700 a year, your 30 second video sponsor will be seen immediately after scheduled programming a minimum of 6 times in a 24 hour period, every day of the year. Sponsorship air time may vary, depending upon scheduled programming. In addition to your daily broadcasted sponsorship, a link to your business will also be provided on our LCTV website.

Video Content

You can submit your own video, or, for an extra fee, the LCTV team could make a video for you. Videos may include a business logo, a statement of services offered or type of business, phone number, address, web and email addresses, pictures of your establishment and/or examples of your work. Price reference, call to action or inducement to buy, comparative or qualitative products, and third-party reviews are not permitted.

For further information, please contact:

Stephen J. Popp – Station Manager
(207) 563-6338
Lobster Coast Television & Media Center (LCTV)
29 Sheepscot Road, Newcastle, Maine 04553

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