Hairy Man: My Life with Big Foot


  1. Hi Linda, It would be very interesting to Me at least, for Suzy and Joan Ocean to meet and exchange their knowledge and feeling around Bigfoot. I think probable Suzy had the advantage over Joan, in that she met them when she was a child, and therefore would have the ‘innocence’ factor in her favor.

  2. So glad that Suzy came forward with her story. Would love it if she could write a book about all her experiences.
    Thank you for this documentation of hers.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing her story

  4. She has to write a book !

  5. Yes, I totally agree she needs to write that book. There is so much more than could fit into a 27-minute video, and so many things we are all wanting to know about Hairy Man, some of which I’ve been able to learn from her and are quite exciting. And remember, she grew up in a secluded place without TV, magazines, human playmates and didn’t even get to go to school until later, so she had no way of knowing about Bigfoot or anything connected with him.

  6. Wabu did a great job raising her! What a fine woman she is. Her story brought me to tears.

  7. I too found this story so moving that I too found myself with tears in my eyes; what an amazing experience to have had.
    I’m from Inverness, Scotland, not far from Loch Ness and although I have never seen “Nessie” I have had interesting discussions about “Nessie” with Suzy.

    • Andrew, what was the nature of these discussions you had with her about Nessie? Does she have some special knowledge about Nessie?

      • My guess is that she’ll claim to have knowledge about anything…..As long as she gets attention from it.

      • Hi Kevin, that’s between Suzy and Me, but Thank You for your interest; if you ever find yourself near Inverness in the North of Scotland, get in touch and I’ll show you our beautiful Loch.

  8. Sounds legit to me….

  9. They are real, I’ve seen one. Her story is so interesting. I would love to hear more. I don’t think ALL of them are that kindly, however.

  10. So happy people enjoy the documentary. It is all true, and certainly not meant to be “warm an fuzzy” as one commenter put it, rather a glimpse into a day in the life of The Wabou’ an me. There were many many more instances that were not as happy, but time restraints wouldnt allow me to tell all. I can assure everyone, that they are VERY protective, and can get extremely agitated in short order. My experiences have been, that if someone just “happens” upon one, trust me, an Elder One is not far off, and will get very confrontational very fast to protect others in the Clan. Those are the experiences I believe people most often encounter with them.
    The relationship i had with Wabou’ was built up over a period of years, not days weeks or mos. My hope is that people will respect them, and perhaps maybe learn a few things from my documentary. I wish i was talented that I could write a book! But i’m not. So perhaps if enough people ask this station, or another one, we could do a follow up to this. Again, thank you all for the comments,

    • I live in New Brunswick which borders Quebec and the state of Maine. I know 2 people personally who swear they’s seen this …animal. In both instances it was in a swampy area near a lake.

    • I would love to hear more about your experience! I live near the Olympic Mts in Washington state and there have been many sightings throughout the state. Thank you for sharing.

    • Suzy, Still trying to get over a parent putting a 5yr old outside in the night alone for hours? You did not even have a dog for protection. Aside from that, what a life experience you had during your early years. Wondering if you noticed any growth in the little one’s height during your encounter yrs? Obviously you grew taller, wondering if the little one did too? and if so do you think it was in proportion to your growth?
      Thank you so very much for sharing your young life with the ‘clan’. Would love to learn all you have to share about your encounter experiences with them. Will share, and perhaps a few show hosts will ask you to be a guest?

      • Yes. Please do come back and share more information with us. We’d like to hear as much as you feel comfortable sharing. Educating people is important. (hopefully create more embathy and respect). Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. I loved hearing your story. (totally believe you) Why is it that people refuse to believe in the possibility of a species existing that we’re unaware of? (as though, we know *everything* there is to know about our natural world? I have news for you!). New animals and plants are discovered, around the world, every day! This intelligent, man-like being is clearly not out to hurt anyone (if so, they would’ve by now, right?) I’m also disgusted by those bigfoot tv shows about killing them. That would amount to murder, and I hope to God that it NEVER happens. (I’ll bet their DNA is very close to ours. I believe there may already be evidence of that.) Unfortunately, our world is getting over populated. and wild land disrespected and destroyed. Also, with modern technological advances, it’s probably just a matter of time until one is clearly caught on tape, picture, or even killed by someone. I hate to think of it, and will pray that they will stay safe and be able to live alone, in peace, without our interference. Thank you for sharing your story, so people might consider being open minded should they encounter one (and hopefully respect their privacy) and not fear the unknown, but instead feel honored to have had such an amazing encounter, respect their intelligence (and closeness/similarities to us/mankind) and decide that protecting them is what is *most* important. I promise that you’ll never regret that. (verses choosing the alternative for your personal/financial gains…at what cost??). If we believe we’re the highest, intelligent living beings on this earth, then let’s prove it and leave them alone.

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