LCTV’s Volunteers and Producers

James Blier

Jim Blier took LCTV’s course to train as an independent producer in 2015 and has since produced several videos. Jim also volunteered recording Waldoboro’s Select Board meetings for several years, has been a fill-in camera operator for the Spotlight on Seniors show, and has done volunteer work on the LCTV website. In 2018, Jim became LCTV’s Webmaster and Social Media Manager for our website, Facebook, and Vimeo presences. Some of the shows Jim has produced include An Overview of the John Birch Society, Vote No on Question 1 – Welfare for Politicians, Heaven’s Blend Waldoboro Concert, July 24, 2015, Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Local, and Bringing Operation Hope to Lincoln County.

Shortly after moving from the Washington, DC area to Wiscasset, Alex Diamond joined the LCTV Board of Directors. Alex has a background in commercial radio, with jobs as varied as on-air talent to advertising sales. For several years Alex taped the Wiscasset Select Board meetings and some town discussions held at the Wiscasset Community Center. Alex now lives in Bristol, is a volunteer camera operator for Spotlight on Seniors, and continues to contribute his ideas at the monthly LCTV board meetings.

Chris Doherty joined the LCTV Board of Directors in 2010, the same year he became a Selectman for the Town of Newcastle. One of the first things Chris did as a member of both boards was circulate a petition to find out if the townspeople of Newcastle wanted to have their Select Board meetings taped and broadcast. The quickly growing number of signers convinced him that this was an important issue for the townspeople. Chris has been very generous with his equipment, lending LCTV a trailer for a massive dump run and an on-site construction trailer that was used as a mobile production studio for the live broadcasts of the 2015 and 2016 Pumpkinfest Regettas.

John Emerson has been involved with LCTV since the early 1990s when founder Ivan Flye ask him to join the LCTV Board of Directors as a representative from Nobleboro. John has contributed his time and talent, steadily and loyally, from construction projects (LCTV’s wonderful front porch!) to his current position as President of the Board. John has learned how to operate field and studio cameras and has helped with numerous productions over the years, included Maine Music, Fit with Click, and the annual Pumpkinfest Parades and Regattas. John was also instrumental in encouraging Nobleboro to make a financial commitment to LCTV. John is a great team player; LCTV is lucky to have his support.

Kyle Emerson

Kyle Emerson learned how to operate a camera for Maine Music, a show produced by Alan Lowe at the LCTV studio. Kyle also learned how to use the video switcher and give direction to camera operators, earning the title of “technical director”. In addition to crewing Maine Music, Kyle crewed the LCTV taping of Lincoln Theater’s HMS Pinafore and has worked on several Pumpkinfest productions. Kyle adds an element of humor to the shoots with his “witty” repartee, and he’s a pro when it comes to his camera work!

Chris Feltis
Rodney Waltz
Marshall Dodge

Chris Feltis, Rodney Waltz and Marshall Dodge are the co-producers of the Lincoln Academy Basketball games, the oldest running series on LCTV. In fact, the LA Basketball were the first videos aired on the cable access channel in the mid 1980s, preceding LCTV’s existence! Chris and Rodney are the games announcers and Marshall is the videographer. Phil Page, Lincoln Academy’s Assistant Athletics Director and Alum Development leader, is also instrumental in getting the games taped and delivered to LCTV for broadcast. Phil has also supplied LCTV with Games Worth Watching Again – tournament and championship Lincoln Academy Basketball games from the 1980s and 90s.

Tam Green

Tam Green‘s first experience with video was through her local public access station in Connecticut. After moving to Boothbay, Tam volunteered at BRCTV and, after a move to Newcastle, now devotes time and energy to making video for LCTV viewers. Tam is a traditional public access producer who enjoys working as part of a crew to cover community events. Tam operated a camera for Alna’s Town Meeting 2016, Pumpkinfest Parade and Pumpkinfest Regatta (2015), Seacoast Community Orchestra’s Winter Concert (2015) and Spring Concert (2016), and Damariscotta Montessori 2nd Annual Alumni Meet (2016). Tam also does solo productions, her most recent being Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco at Skidompha (2015), and Young Composers: Inspired by Nature in Maine (2015). Tam says, “Train with LCTV. It’s a great way to support your favorite organizations while learning new skills.”

Chris Kenoyer

Chris Kenoyer lives in Alna, and introduced himself to LCTV in 2015 with the goal of learning how to produce video of the natural world. Chris has spent much of his life exploring nature and wanted to capture the beauty and excitement of seeing sturgeon breach in the Sheepscot and Androscogin rivers, black bears catching alewife and a convocation of eagles soaring in a clear blue sky. While Chris worked on gathering footage in the wild, he honed his skills by shooting and editing CLC YMCA Annual Meeting (2015), select presentations from the forums on Downtowns and Locally Owned Businesses and Maine’s Economy and Climate Change. Chris also produced a PSA for Hidden Valley Nature Center.

Lincoln Academy

Lincoln Academy produces videos about school events and student short-subject videos, and shares them with the community via LCTV and Vimeo. Event videos include: Senior Class Graduations, Baccalaureates, Class Trips, a LA Talent Show, choral selections by The Lincolnaires, and a LA Jazz Concert. Short-subject videos made in the Digital Media Production Class of 2015 include: Process of Pottery by Owen Lewis, Sin City by Edwin Bradbury, Questions by Maggie Nevens, The Doll Maker by Audrey Harper, The Audition by Henry Goggins, I Wanna Ski by Gus Williams, and Behind the Screen by Frederico Garcia.

Art Mayers became involved with LCTV when he moved to Newcastle in 1991. Art has produced innumerable videos for airing on LCTV, the most popular being Lincoln County Oral Histories, a series of interviews with the elders of Lincoln County. Art was the creator and initial producer of Wuzzup in 2008; Wuzzup continues to be produced as a weekly show. Some of Art’s older productions include Waldoboro with Art and Goodie, Art’s Video Grab Bag, and The News with Art and Sam. His latest production is Two Curmudgeons with co-host Kit Hayden. Art has taped many a parade and celebration, including Pumpkinfest events and the carved and painted Pumpkinfest “Art Pumpkins”. Art spends the winter months in Mexico, but stays busy making videos year round, both for pleasure and for profit.

Karen O’Bryan

Karen O’Bryan was recruited by LCTV founder Ivan Flye as a representative from Damariscotta in 1989, filling the position as Secretary of the LCTV Board of Directors 1991-2009. As a volunteer, Karen has been taping the Damariscotta Board of Selectmen since the town first started recording their meetings in 2004. After a 37 years of teaching school, many of them as a 4th grade teacher at Great Salt Bay, Karen is enjoying retirement with her husband, Steve. Both of them still help out at LCTV from time to time. Karen says, ” Over the years, many people have given time, treasure, and talent to give Lincoln County Public Access to the community. It is a rewarding experience. Consider what you might do to help make people become more aware of our community through video.” Hear, hear!

Dave O’Donnell

Dave O’Donnell, as the pastor for Faith Baptist Church in Newcastle, produces a bi-weekly video of the church service for airing on LCTV. Faith Baptist Church services have been airing on LCTV since 2005.

Jack Peters

Jack Peters took over production of the ever-popular Wuzzup in 2013; as of the spring of 2016, he has 134 Wuzzup shows to his credit. Jack got his start as a camera operator for Maine Music (2011-2013), and went on to learn every aspect of producing a studio show, from audio to lights to switching, enabling him to create Wuzzup News every week – all by himself! Jack has also produced three of Maine Coast Book Shop’s Firehouse Forums – Native Americans, Irish Immigration, and Maritime Maine – and has helped crew the annual live productions of the Pumpkinfest Regatta.

Ann Pinkham

Ann Pinkham has been on the LCTV Board of Directors since 2008, currently serving as the Secretary. Ann is never afraid to learn something new and is good at whatever she does – from shooting play by play videos of GSB basketball games, to providing the color commentary for the annual Pumpkinfest Parades with her co-host Art Mayers. Ann often works behind the scenes organizing spring and fall LCTV yard clean-ups; providing paper plates, utensils, tables and table cloths for LCTV functions; fund raising, and keeping the station stocked with water. As a long time resident of Damariscotta, Ann is also diligent in representing her town’s interests in relation to LCTV.

Steve Raymond is the developer, host and producer of Spotlight on Seniors, a semi-regular interview show with specialists on issues concerning aging and elder care in Maine. Steve put together a crew who were trained by LCTV staff to operate cameras, engineer audio and lighting, provide technical direction and manipulate the video switcher. Lincoln Home, which employs Steve, is the show sponsor, and hires LCTV to edit each show. Spotlight on Seniors started production in June of 2015, has a total of 19 shows as of April 2016, and plans on continuing to produce new shows for many years to come.

St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Newcastle, Maine, is the oldest existing Catholic Church in New England, and one of the oldest continually produced shows for LCTV. The original recording equipment was set up and operated by Tom Handel, a founder and long-time volunteer director of LCTV, and various members of St. Patrick’s congregation make sure the service is taped and deliver to LCTV at least once a month, and aired several times each week.

Dave Svens has been involved professionally with radio and TV for most of his adult life. Dave retired from his position as Executive Director at Fitchburg Access Television in 2015, but for many years before that had been volunteering at LCTV. Dave provides LCTV with expert knowledge of video production, both in the studio and in the field. He is also an excellent trouble-shooter and has resolved several technical problems for the station. Dave lives in the village of Chamberlain in Bristol and has volunteered to tape many events of town-wide interest, from the Annual Town Meeting to the Bristol Consolidated School Diversity shows. Dave is a wonderful resource for anyone involved with video production, from beginners to professionals.

Jack Swanton

Jack Swanton has served on the LCTV Board of Directors since 2004. Jack is co-founder of Broadcast Pix and an internationally recognized technology expert in the computerization of television production. Broadcast Pix is a provider of integrated live video productions systems for commercial television studios and for LCTV! Jack’s involvement made it possible for LCTV to join the computerized age of broadcasting, through the donation of a professional video switcher and recommendation and installation of a computerized broadcast system. Jack currently serves as Treasurer of LCTV and monitors the station’s fiscal health. For many years Jack taped the Lincoln County Historical Association Lecture Series and St. Phillip’s Sunday services. Along with Ann, Jack keeps LCTV supplied with good water from his well.

Town of Bristol

The town of Bristol has produced weekly and biweekly Bristol Select Board meetings, plus occasional meetings and hearings held at the town offices, since 2008.

Town of Damariscotta

The town of Damariscotta has produced biweekly Damariscotta Select Board meetings, annual Budget Committee meetings, and other occasional meetings held in the town offices, since 2005.

Town of Newcastle

The town of Newcastle has produced biweekly Newcastle Select Board meetings, and other occasional meetings held in the town offices, since 2009.

Town of Waldoboro

The town of Waldoboro has produced biweekly Waldoboro Select Board meetings, Budget Committee, and almost all other town committee meetings held in the town offices, since 2005.

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